A contemporary vision for education


How unaccountable the flow of spirits in youth. You may throw sticks and dirt into the current, and it will only rise higher. Dam it up you may, but dry it up you may not, for you cannot reach its source. If you stop up this avenue or that, anon it will come gurgling out where you least expected, and wash away all fixtures. Youth grasps at happiness as an inalienable right.   

-Henry David Thoreau


The Liberi School is a holistic contemporary one-room schoolhouse model for children ages 3+ to 14 (Prekindergarten to Grade 8) located in Hudson, New York. Our mission is to liberate children and teachers to think freely, to embrace creativity, to be themselves, and to imagine their lives in the context of humanity. Our integrated multi-age curriculum has roots in a classical tradition of education and innovates on modern approaches to learning and thinking. “Liberi” (pronounced līberī) is the Latin word for both “children” and “free."

It is our belief that this model of education can liberate our children by teaching young minds how to think, not what to think.

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